Knowledge-Sharing Debates In Three Sessions Throughout The Day!

A decade ago, CCRInteractive provoked an evolution from staid conferences in large halls, to bring you targeted streams. From there, over the past three years, we have run more than 30 debates – talking, discussing, and driving the industry forward.

Now, in 2020, the Revolution brings this into the annual conference, with the launch of CCRInteractive: the Big Debate, to bring the business community together.


The event will feature:

  • A new date – June 2020
  • A new venue – Leonardo Royal Hotel London St Paul’s.
  • A new way of thinking.
  • A new way of working.
  • A true Revolution!

The day will see delegates take part in a series of debates running at the same time, to share their insight and analysis. CCRInteractive: the Big Debate will bring you an entirely new way of learning, with all the opportunities of both a debate and a major conference.


The day will feature:

  • A small exhibition of key sponsors – free for all credit professionals to attend.
  • Three sets of debates (early morning, late morning, and afternoon).
  • A sponsor for each debate.
  • Themes will be generated through the Credit Leaders .Network.
  • One keynote speaker in each group to kick off the debate.
  • 14-20 senior professionals in each room.
  • A tiered fee structure for delegates, to ensure attendance is affordable and so encourage participation.

Do Not Miss Out For 2020!

For information on 2020’s event, please contact Stephen Kiely at or 07766 416693 or Alison Lucas at or 01702 341948.