Whiskey is renowned for its appreciating value and investability appeal due to its longevity as a tangible investment. Investors of all calibres are now looking towards whiskey as an alternative investment of the future, either for private stock or as a private label supplier.

Prospective investors can rely on a promising future, as the global demand for both Scotch and Irish whiskey has experienced a significant inclination and is set to continue its upward trajectory; Irish whiskey is recorded to have grown in the last decade by 300%, whereas the Scotch industry saw an exponential revenue of £4.9 billion in 2019.

As an investment, the nature of whiskey maturation is where the true value is produced. The longer a whiskey matures the greater the value. This is especially true for Scotch and Irish whiskey, both of which are legally required to be stored in casks for 3 years in order to be called whiskey. Moreover as the value of whiskey doubles almost every 5 years in maturation, this presents a fantastic opportunity to reap the benefits from.

Whiskey is a tangible investment and there are many benefits to this as opposed to the more traditional forms of financial investments such as stocks, shares and bonds. Due to its tangibility, cask whiskey can be bottled, consumed or sold to whiskey enthusiasts around the world. Furthermore, your cask whiskey investments are legally required to be stored in a government bonded warehouse, so you can be assured that your investments are kept safe.

Why you should invest in cask whiskey with Whiskey Wealth Club

As a leader in the industry, Whisky and Wealth Club has substantial expertise in all things regarding whiskey. The company sources a variety of whiskeys for their clients, including mass-produced, mainstream brands, craft whiskies, luxury and rare Scotch and Irish whiskey, all of which are offered at significantly discounted prices with an exceptionally high resale value.  

Secure investing with Whiskey & Wealth Club

The team at Whiskey and Wealth Club offer clients a complete package for turnkey cask whiskey ownership, from planned exit strategies, robust wealth management and competitive insurance, clients will be given a seamless journey into the world of cask whiskey investment.

This service is supplemented by the allocation of a bespoke Wealth Manager for each private investor. The Wealth Managers provide clients with tailored guidance on whiskey suitability and different investment portfolios, according to the financial aspirations of the investor.