Delegate Streams

As the consumer and commercial credit and collections industry faces up to key challenges – with both the private and public sectors under extreme pressure to achieve better results, with greater compliance, against the background of reduced budgets – issues such as compliance, debt purchase, fraud prevention, and data have become central to the industry; so they will be covered in detail. We ensure that the event is providing the information that you need, with six delegate streams:

  • Commercial credit and collections.
  • Risk, data, and fraud prevention.
  • Debt purchase and compliance.
  • Collections.
  • Legal issues and enforcement.
  • Export credit and collections.

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An Overview Of The Streams In 2017

Commercial credit and collections

With the UK economy now growing, but late payment still a signi cant risk, senior commercial credit managers are increasingly being asked to grant credit to make trade happen, often with reduced levels of credit insurance or guarantees – and constantly against the background of ‘Brexit’. We will also consider recent trends in business credit, such as P2P and the rise of other ‘alternative’ lenders.

Risk, data, and fraud prevention

With a focus on the consumer-credit sector, this stream will look at these crucial issues and consider best practice and case studies on how data can be used to prevent fraud, ensure that you are taking the right risks, and to look across your portfolio to monitor your success and take new opportunities. This stream will also have a major focus on GDPR – a key issue for both consumer and commercial creditors and collectors, which, all too often, does not receive the attention that it deserves. Whether your GDPR planning is in its infancy or well-developed, make sure that you have the information to avoid business nes and even individual culpability.


At a time when the customer journey and pro tability are at the top of the industry’s agenda, delegates will hear from consumer creditors across a wide range of industry sectors – what are their experiences and how can their systems be streamlined and improved? How can the best collectors be attracted and remunerated to achieve your goals?

Debt purchase and compliance

With the progress of regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority, this stream will consider all the key regulatory and compliance issues and look at how data is at the heart of getting the best price for both sides of a sale, and how the customer can always be kept in view. At a time when TCF is at the heart of industry, we will review the best- practice new strategies of how to deal with customers on a truly individual basis. We will also look into the European NPL market and how that is developing amidst changing times for the continent.

Legal issues and enforcement

The courts and a wide range of legal collections and enforcement methods provide an essential safety net for the credit and collections industry, allowing credit to be granted with some certainty of recovery. This stream will consider the consequences of the latest regulatory moves, which are impacting upon the courts, and advise on the options available, and which cases to take to legal collections, based on potential for success and TCF implications.

Export credit and collections

Amid concerns over a potential ‘Brexit’, this important stream will review where the options are for UK exporters and what help is available for them to nd information on potential customers overseas. For the rst time, in 2017, this stream will be run in association with the expertise of Laurie Beagle and Forums International.