Round-Table Debates

At CCR, we have found that industry professionals learn best from your peers in the industry, when you can have your specific questions answered during a round-table debate.

For the first time, in 2018, CCRInteractive will be made up entirely of a mix of debates: some are individually sponsored, with participation by invitation only, while others are available for everyone to book in to attend; you can book to attend either one or three debates.

About CCR’s Round-Table Debates

CCR now has a huge amount of experience in running debates that have been enjoyed by close to 500 credit professionals over the past four years. At CCRInteractive, each debate will be made up of roughly 18 to 30 professionals, including a chair.

The chair will welcome everyone and say some opening words, then ask everyone to introduce themselves, before taking the group through a series of Guide Questions, which you will have been able to see in advance. You will have the chance to raise your own points and questions to the group, to ensure that you make the most of your day.




Up for discussion

There will be eight streams of debates (each under a general theme), with three debates held in each stream: one early morning, one late morning, and one in the afternoon. Although the themes of each debate are likely evolve with news events as we approach the big day (and you will be welcome to guide the debate as you wish), we initially plan for some of the Streams and Debates to be as follows:

Commercial Risk Stream

  • Debate: Data sharing: credit circles and credit reference agencies.
  • Debate: Analytics and technologies.
  • Debate: Pushing the barriers: SMEs, export customers, and the role of credit insurance.

Consumer Risk Stream

  • Debate: Sources of information: marrying internal and external sources.
  • Debate: Vulnerability and affordability.
  • Debate: The role of technology.

Commercial Collections Stream

  • Debate: Establishing and renewing your procedures.
  • Debate: How internal and external collections can work together.
  • Debate: Getting the best from what you have: technology and training.

Consumer Collections Stream

  • Debate: Understanding and implementing a proper vulnerability policy.
  • Debate: Ensuring that your DCAs share your values.
  • Debate: Working with the regulators.

Compliance, Debt Sale, and the Public Sector Stream

  • Debate: The big compliance debate.
  • Debate: When to sell debt and who to choose.
  • Debate: Collecting public sector tax and debts.

Forums International Stream

  • Debate: How do you protect your businesses?
  • Debate: Control or commercial: what should be the role of credit in the future?
  • Debate: Are we controllers or commercial professionals making the business succeed?

Utilities and Telecoms Stream

  • Debate: Working with vulnerable customers.
  • Debate: Ensuring that you have the collections policies and technologies that you need.
  • Debate: What role does risk assessment of customers play?

Do not miss out in 2018!

To find out more information on 2018’s event, please contact Stephen Kiely at or 07766 416693 or Alison Lucas at or 01702 341948.